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Why Rustproofing?

Beginning as a cosmetic issue, unchecked rust will lead to significant auto corrosion.  Deterioration of your vehicle's chassis and undercarriage weakens steering and suspension components, overall structural integrity, resale value, and can lead to operation failures and safety risks (e.g. rusted GM brake lines).  While auto manufacturers have begun treating new vehicles, bends and welds in manufacturing still expose metal structure to corrosive elements.  

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Madison Auto Protection & Rustproofing is proud to be Dane County's first and only rustproofing service that uses NH Oil Undercoating® (NHOU) corrosion control program.

  • Deprives metal of oxygen and displaces moisture

  • Creates a barrier that resists chips and cracks

  • Creeps into base metal, not just a superficial coating

  • Self-heals abrasions 
  • No drip
  • Minimal odors
  • Solvent-Free
  • Non-toxic / Non-hazardous

"NH Oil Undercoating® Clear or Black will protect your vehicle against damage caused by salt, liquid de-icing and winter driving conditions, sever temperature changes, and acid rain. It is designed to penetrate the seams and cavities. It eliminates moisture and maintains a dry condition to the inner panels while fighting corrosion." - 

NH Oil Undercoating

Protect your car against rust
  • Initial NH Oil Undercoating® Rustproofing System application
  • Black coating on the undercarriage
  • Clear coating inside door panels and other cavities
  • Prevents rust from starting and inhibits further rusting

Cars/Sm SUVs $335

Trucks/Lg SUVs $436

Annual Inspection

Maximize your rustproofing investment
  • Remove the effects of rock, sand, other road debris, and bottoming out on the undercoating and fully restore your rust defense
  • Recommended annually following the initial application to maintain the effectiveness


NHOU Wax-n-Oil

Premium corrosion protection
  • Initial NH Oil Undercoating® Wax-n-Oil application
  • A wax undercoating is first applied to all exposed exterior frame
  • NH Oil Undercoating® Rustproofing System is applied inside door panels and other cavities and over wax to provide durable, two layer corrosion protection
  • Best option for brand new vehicles

Cars/Sm SUVs $480

Trucks/Lg SUVs $559


We're so confident in NHOU that if you continue to bring in your vehicle for inspections, we'll pay for corrosion related repair or replacements of body panels below the window line, floor, and rocker panels.



Protect your vehicle from Wisconsin winter road treatments that can lead to rust

A good mechanic can tell if a car has been driven in the "salt belt" just by looking at the rust in the undercarriage.  Salt and liquid brine solutions help manage ice on the roads.  Unfortunately these road treatments accelerate rust and corrosion processes.  Liquid de-icing is especially harmful as it can reach further and be trapped in body cavities, cracks, and spot welds.  Throughout the season trapped moisture freezes, thaws, and ruptures paint, creating opportunities for rust to take hold and develop in the heat of the warmer months.

Defend against winter wear with NH Oil Undercoating®!  Take it from those that know snow: the Canadian Army uses rustproofing to maintain its vehicles and the Canadian Automobile Association recommends it for all drivers.


The Benefits of Rust Prevention

With the inevitability of snowy road conditions and de-icing treatments, the CAA considers rustproofing a vehicle maintenance standard that will extend the life of your vehicle.  This article describes how rustproofing helps:

  • Longer vehicle lifecycle 
  • Reduce waste
  • Maintain your vehicle's safety and appearance
  • Lower repair costs
  • Higher resale value

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